Welcome to my little haven and also Paper Lark HQ. I am so happy to finally show you around and give you a peek behind the scenes of Paper Lark.

A lot has happened since I posted up my first template to Etsy in February 2013. I was sitting at my friends dining table with my laptop glowing and ready for the unknown. And now, I still feel that excitement when I sit down to design new products for you. I really do. Trust me it's my favourite part of my business.

So as you can see my HQ is a bright and breezy studio and here I spend the day charging ahead at full steam to create cute and stylish solutions for you, the modern photographer. I want to design the products you know your clients would cherish and that shows off your photography business to it’s absolute best. Feel free to get in touch or even better to make a suggestion on what you need designing. I am all open to ideas for my next product!

Thanks for visiting and enjoy browsing around  :)