A note to self disguised as a Thanksgiving blog post

At Thanksgiving it's time to review the year and find the people, events or circumstances that we are thankful for.

But what if we were thankful every day? Oh yeah heard that one before! Yeah me too.

But really, what if at the end of EVERY day we sat and wrote out the things we were thankful for during that day. What would that really do for us?

What if we cut out some of the complaining, the negative talk or 'poor me' rants we all sometimes have?

Could we do it? Do we want to? 

Do we need the negative to see the positive? Do we need to fall into the lows to be able to ride the delights of the highs?  


I came across a great TEDx talk recently on why humans seem to focus more in the negatives than the positives and how to get unstuck. If you have ten mins it's a funny watch.



 So in this blog post that I have cunningly disguised as a 'note to self' as well. I want to say we should take lots of time every day to be a bit easier on ourselves. Be thankful not only for our friends and family but be thankful for OURSELVES. Maybe that daily 'thankful list' can include some lovely qualities we have and how we showed them that day.

Because who WE are, is NOT who WE THINK we are! Heck no!

We ARE who our best friends think we are. Cos' they have the proof! ...and they are willing to tell us all the glorious evidence at a moments notice.


Happy Thanksgiving lovelies




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