It's always nice to have a little look at someone else's creative space. So here is mine, the Paper Lark HQ.

My home office is a comfy, bright and inspiring place although I can't say it's always this tidy when the deadlines are due ;)


I have totally taken over this part of our house, crafting it to be the perfect haven just for me and my work. The items you see all kind of have a story of how they got here. The pencils in the wooden box I bought with my very first wage packet at 17yrs old. I love them!



Another thing you must know about me is that I love animals. As the afternoon sunlight beams though the office windows, that's the time when our furry friends start to say hello. 

We have a gorgeous puppy next door who is as mischievous as puppies come. He pokes his head through the fence to greet us every day, or will make enough noise to let us know when he wants to play ball.

The birds are wild Mudlarks, a family of 5 to be exact, Mum, Dad and triplets born this spring. I love the sweet connection we have built up of trust and respect...helped along with big handfuls of seed ;)


So that's my HQ. Life is good.



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